[WEB only] 30 packs of Japanese tea


Nicha made by EN TEA with the idea of ​​making the time of waking up in the morning richer and closer to the rhythm of your life.
Fine powdered green tea.
By dissolving in hot water and drinking, you can ingest nutrients (dietary fiber, vitamins, catechins) contained in tea leaves and epigallocatechin galley (EGCg), which is difficult to extract.
Nicha is subdivided into sticks according to the capacity of one serving (100 ml of hot water).
Boil water, put it in a bottle, take out the tea from the stick and shake it for 10 seconds, and you can drink it immediately, so it is easy to incorporate it into your daily routine.


You can start a good day with the taste of theanine, the astringency of catechin and the effect of caffeine.

Carefully cultivated material

The raw materials are organically grown matcha, tamaryokucha, which has a strong aroma and umami, and the white fold (stem part) of tamaryokucha.

Beautiful taste

The balance between the astringency of green tea and the refreshing and fresh blue taste is very good, and by adding white folds, the sweetness is made more pronounced and the mouthfeel is softened.