Barley tea tea bag


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For the first barley tea and for the new barley tea

Barley tea is loved by Japanese families as a summer tradition.
With the image of "golden summer taste" that will be remembered by drinkers, we made it using a manufacturing method unique to the tea leaf brand.
The warm grain aroma, the faint roasted aroma, and the gradually spreading sweetness are wrapped in beautiful golden barley tea.
The charm of barley tea, which gently cools the hot body and makes you feel refreshed, is retained, and it is finished like EN TEA.
Can be extracted with either hot or cold water. You can enjoy it not only in summer but throughout the year on a daily basis.

A blend of Nijo barley and Hadaka barley

Using old-fashioned fragrant Nijo barley (produced in Saga prefecture) and refined taste of hadaka barley (produced in Ehime prefecture), the refined grain aroma and sweetness of wheat are used to create a refreshing taste. rice field.

A memorable "golden summer taste" for drinkers

Golden barley tea produced by carefully selecting the ingredients and adjusting the roasting and composition.
EN TEA has made the best use of Japanese tea making technology, carefully selected the ingredients that match the desired taste, and adjusted the roasting and formulation.

Because it is non-caffeine, it can be enjoyed by all generations as a tea that children can drink.
It is recommended not only for daily dining, but also as a souvenir for your loved ones.