[Kamiide ​​Choemon Kiln] Efgomag hot water bath


A mug with a narrow mouth of "Kamiide ​​Choemon Kiln", a kiln of Kutani ware, which is a typical traditional craft of Ishikawa prefecture.
At first glance, it's simple, but on the back of the hill, a Japanese-haired woman taking a bath (Yumi) is drawn.
When you bring the mug to your mouth, you can see a glossy picture on the other side.

Real and online, a design that makes you want to show someone who positively grasps this era when the value and meaning of "meeting" has changed.
"Efugo (bait bag / bait bag)" is a bag carried with food used by falconers in the Edo period, and is also known as the name of tea utensils with a similar shape.
Comes in a paper box.
designed by KAMIDE KEIGO

Height 78mm

Precautions for use
-Since it is not heat-resistant porcelain, do not heat it directly or use the oven.
-Do not wash with a cleanser or scrubbing brush as it may cause scratches.
・ Do not use a dishwasher or bleach for items with decorations.

Uede Choemon Kiln
A kiln founded in 1879.
In addition to the vivid and delicate overpainting that is characteristic of Kutani ware, the beautiful shape formed by the high-quality fabrics with good coloring and the craftsman's advanced potter's wheel technique.
For 130 years since its founding, the vessels produced by handicrafts that have been protected since that time are familiar to many people.