EN TEA Bottle + Watered Green Tea Sansho Tea Bag Set


A set of a bottle with the EN TEA logo and a water-drained green tea sansho tea bag that you can drink after shaking it for 30 seconds in 500 ml of water.

Fresh tea anytime, anywhere

Whether it's a busy morning or on the go without a kitchen, all you need is water.
Put a tea bag in 500ml of water and shake it for 30 seconds to make fresh green tea. The
-based green tea is made by roasting 10 types of tea leaves and mixing them in a unique ratio to make them fragrant even at low temperatures and easy to extract.
If you reduce the number of shakes, it will be refreshing, and if you increase it, it will be firm.
If you like, you can also enjoy the 2nd and 3rd brews.

A blend of Japanese pepper naturally cultivated in the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture.
Sansho has a refreshing taste that makes you feel that it is a citrus fruit, and you can enjoy the refreshing taste in the sweetness of green tea, the mouth is refreshing, and the aftertaste is refreshing. ..

Mizudashi tea can bring out theanine, which is a sweet and umami ingredient, so it is very suitable for meals. It will be tea.

Water-drained tea is rich in epigallocatechin (EGC). Theanine is reassuring and relaxing.

* You can drink with the tea bag in it
* For those who like strong taste, only one decoction is recommended
* Tea bag is a biomass material made from plant starch. I am using "Soilon". Unlike ordinary tea bags, it does not emit microplastic and is kind to the sea and the body.

■ Contents: 5g x 7 pieces
■ Raw material name: Tea leaves (domestic), Sansho

■ Bottle
Capacity: 500ml
Size (diameter x height) × Width of the mouthpiece): 6 cm × 23 cm × 4 cm
Material: [Main body] PET
[Cover] PP
Country of origin: Taiwan
Precautions for use:
Not a cold-resistant container
・ Please use in the range of 0 ℃ to 40 ℃
・ No freezer, no microwave oven, no dishwasher, no dryer
* Bottles are in the production process For convenience, a slight bleeding pattern may occur on the surface. There is no problem with the quality, so we will ship it except for individuals with severe bleeding. Please note.

■ Cloth bag L (width 26 cm x length 34 cm) included

Tea chart

Taste and aroma
・ Sweetness of green tea and refreshing aroma of sencha
・ Refreshing mouth , Refreshing and dry flavor

How to brew
Put one tea bag in 500ml of water and shake for 30 seconds
* Or leave it for 2 hours and shake it before drinking
* Please use soft water

Recommended scenes
Morning / Noon / When you want to move actively / When you want to refresh
When you eat
Night / When you want to relax / When you want to feel at ease
When you want to take epigalocatecin (EGC)

Picking place
Tea: Saga prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture
Sansho: Wakayama prefecture

Manufacturing method
・ Steamed tamaryokucha (a type of sencha), sencha, and kamairicha blend ・ Multiple types of tea leaves in various sizes so that the sweetness and aroma of the tea leaves are strong even when extracted with low-temperature water, and the tea leaves have a clean and transparent feeling, and the lingering finish after drinking is long-lasting. Crushed and blended
・ Young buds and coveredly cultivated tea leaves are also blended
・ Naturally cultivated in the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture is rich but refreshing and precious. After aging and drying the fruit of green tea, we use the one that is ground to a fragrant size


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