EN TEA RECIPE # 001 "Cold green tea chazuke"

A recipe for tea leaves that you can enjoy at home.
EN TEA tea leaves We are confident that we can experience "delicious" and "fun" in our daily lives. Introducing the arrangement recipe of.

"Cold green tea chazuke" using watered green tea from EN TEA. By combining the umami of
green tea and the umami of condiments, and using cold watered green tea , the aroma of the ingredients is enhanced.
It is also recommended that you change the combination of condiments to your liking and pursue your own recipe.

[Time required: about 10 minutes]

■ Ingredients
Rice: One set
Watered green tea : 1 tea bag
Water: 200ml
Ginger: 1/2
Large leaves: 1/2
Salted kelp: One bite
Nori, hail, pickled green tea, pickled in Nara

■ Procedure
1) Wash the slime of the cooked rice with water
2) Make watered green tea * You can choose the strength of the tea

3) Serve rice in a bowl and top with condiments

4) Pour tea

5) Completion

RECIPE 水出し緑茶