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行方ひさこ氏によるイセタンサローネ内のPOP UPイベント「gift」にて、EN TEAの取り扱い開始

EN TEA is now available at the POP UP event "gift" in ISETAN SALONE by Mr. Hisako Whereabouts

Wed, Oct 20, 21

EN TEA at the POP UP event by branding director Hisako Whereabouts , which will be held at ISETAN SALONE from October 20th (Wednesday) to November 2nd (Tuesday). Please handle.
The theme of the POP UP event is "gift".
"Things made with a free mind without being bound by existing values.
Opening a new door to the recipient and being aware of it. I hope that you can create a relationship that conveys and connects smiles. " Based on such a concept, you can choose EN TEA tea leaves from the gems that Mr. Namegata has selected in various parts of Japan. I did.

EN TEA's handling tea types
Tea and cups
[CHA TOKYO] Moon peach tea tea bags [CHA TOKYO] Ginger Roasted Tea Tea Bags
[CHA TOKYO] Black Bean Pot Roasted Tea Tea Bags
[CHA TOKYO] Lemon Tea Tea Bags
[CHA TOKYO] Tangerine wood fire evening tea tea bag
Roasted tea Lemongrass tea bag
Roasted tea chamomile tea bag Wood Fire Evening Tea Tea Bags

Whereabouts Hisako
Branding Director.
In order to build "brand DNA" = "brand-ness", she performs consistent concept work such as story and design, and shows the direction the brand should go.
She is active in a wide range of fields such as crafts, sports apparel, food, and beauty, making use of her experience in apparel brand management and designers.

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Tokyo Midtown Galleria 1F / 2F
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