ISETAN DOOR「新米に合うおかず」フェアで、EN TEAの「釜炒り茶 玄米」取り扱い開始

EN TEA's "Kamairicha brown rice" is now available at the ISETAN DOOR "side dish that goes well with new rice" fair

Thu, Oct 21, 21

EN TEA's " Kamairicha Genmai " is now available at the regular home delivery service " ISETAN DOOR " where ingredients and sweets carefully selected by Isetan Mitsukoshi buyers arrive at home every week. Did.
At the "Side dish that goes well with new rice" fair held from October 21st (Thursday) to 28th (Thursday), "Kamairicha brown rice" will be used as "Kamairicha brown rice that goes well with rice". You are introduced.
* ISETAN DOOR is a membership service. To use it, you need to be a member of ISETAN DOOR.

Kamairicha Brown rice
Kamairicha roasted tea leaves in a kettle. Blended with brown rice from Kagawa prefecture so that it goes well with.
The fragrant scent of cooking rice in a kettle gives the table a rich time.

Isetan Mitsukoshi's proposal-type regular delivery service that adds color to your daily dining table.
We provide 3,800 items every week, such as items that ISTEAN buyers and stylists have connoisseurs, seasonal ingredients such as seasonal vegetables and traditional vegetables carefully selected from all over the country, daily ingredients, and ingredients that support moms who are pregnant or raising children. increase.
Started in June 2018, it is widely supported by people living alone and families with children.