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【2020年12月】EN TEA おすすめの茶「焙じ茶 カモミール」

[December 2020] EN TEA recommended tea "roasted tea chamomile"

Tue, Dec 01, 20

This month, EN TEA's recommended tea is " Hojicha chamomile ".
German chamomile is blended with roasted roasted hojicha, which is made by collecting the stems of tea to make it more gorgeous.
With a sweet and fragrant taste like baked apples, it is recommended as a companion to Western confectionery and for relaxing at night.

It is delicious to brew it in hot water as it is, but we also recommend "tea leaf latte", which is made by putting a tea bag directly into hot milk just before boiling and steaming it to add honey and sweetness.
The recipe for tea leaf latte made by boiling is here .
* In the recipe, there are two tea bags, but if you adjust the boiling time for a long time, you can make even one delicious.

Roasted tea chamomile tea bag

[WEB only] Roasted tea chamomile tea bag 30 pieces

Currently, we are giving away a trial tea bag of " Hojicha chamomile " to everyone who purchased from the online store.

Also, for those who purchase over 5,000 yen (tax included) at the online store this month, " Tea and Today. CHA", which started selling on November 7th, will be added. We will give you a trial tea bag for the new " Tangerine Wood Fire Evening Tea " from "TOKYO ".
The fragrance of wood-fired evening tea is combined with the refreshing sweetness of tangerine, and it has a characteristic taste like grilled oranges.