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2021年1月にオープンするリトリートラウンジ「UNBORN」でEN TEAの提供開始

EN TEA will be available at the retreat lounge "UNBORN" which will open in January 2021.

Fri, Dec 04, 20

Two kinds of EN TEA's water-drained green tea will be offered at the retreat lounge " UNBORN ", which will open in a certain place in Tokyo and will make your heart zero.
" UNBORN " has an isolation tank, a meditation room, and a creative lounge. It is a retreat lounge that provides a completely new relaxation experience for the mind.
* Opened in January 2021 (scheduled to start general recruitment advance experience from December 22)

At EN TEA, we have two types of water-drained green tea selected with the theme of reset and loop as the tea that you want to drink when you experience the original state of human beings = return to zero in the city. Offers.

■ Provided tea
Watered green tea
Watered green tea Yuzu

Business start date: January 2021 (planned)
Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00
Location: Somewhere in Tokyo
Full membership system
Official site:
Official Instagram: @ unborn_tokyo