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Sales of new products "Nichicha" and "Tsukicha" started

Wed, Nov 25, 20

From Wednesday, November 25, 2020, EN TEA's new products "Nichicha" and "Tsukicha" have been on sale.

A green tea created as a result of repeated research and development based on the lessons learned from Mizudashi green tea and the voices of customers, which have been well received since the launch of EN TEA.
I made it with the idea that the time of waking up in the morning and the time of sleeping at night will be richer and closer to the rhythm of your life.

Nicha is a fine powdered tea that is a blend of 10 types of steamed tamaryokucha that you want to drink when you wake up in the morning.
The sticks are subdivided according to the capacity of one dose (100 ml of hot water).
Boil water, put it in a bottle, pour tea from the stick, shake it for 10 seconds, and drink it immediately, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.
We will also sell a set of soba choko from the Uede Choemon kiln and a 130ml thermo bottle selected by EN TEA to drink Japanese tea.


Nicha + [Kamiide ​​Choemon Kiln] White Porcelain Soba Inoguchi + 130ml Thermo Bottle Set

[WEB only] 30 packs of Japanese tea

Tsukicha is made by storing fresh leaves in a vacuum for a certain period of time, using steamed tamaryokucha, which is two types of tea varieties with high theanine content, that you want to drink until you fall asleep at night. Green tea blended with 5% of GABARON tea that produced GABA.
Here, too, the tea leaves are subdivided according to the capacity (80 ml) of one time.
For brewing, it is recommended to extract with cold water for 15 minutes. The time it takes to extract and the time to drink tea will help you to face yourself and return to a natural state.
We will also sell a set with CIRCLE TEA INFUSER of Kyoto Wire Net Tsuji, which was selected by EN TEA to drink moon tea.

Moon tea

Tsukicha + [Wire mesh] CIRCLE TEA INFUSER set

[WEB only] 30 packs of moon tea