[WEB only] 30 packs of moon tea


Moon tea made by EN TEA with the idea of ​​enriching the time until sleep at night and staying close to the rhythm of your life.
I chose green tea, hoping that drinking tea would reset the day and give me time to face myself.
By extracting with cold water over time, caffeine is reduced, and a sense of security and relaxation are achieved.
By low-temperature extraction, the taste is high in umami and transparency, it feels good in the throat, and it is easy to incorporate into daily routines.

For moon tea, tea leaves are subdivided according to the capacity (80 ml) of each tea.
Extract the tea leaves with cold water for 15 minutes using a bowl and a tea strainer, and then gently raise the tea strainer for a clean taste without any unpleasant taste.


By making time for extraction and time to drink tea slowly until sleep at night, it will help you to face yourself and return to a natural state.

Carefully cultivated material

A 5% blend of GABAlon tea, which produces GABA by storing fresh leaves in a vacuum for a certain period of time, using two types of steamed tamaryokucha, which are said to have a high theanine content, as the main raw material.

Delicious taste

Using high-quality steamed tamaryokucha as the main ingredient, we are making it with the idea of ​​enriching the time until sleep at night.