NEW TEA TIMES  - 茶の閒 #16 -

NEW TEA TIMES --Tea Times # 16-

Thu, Sep 09, 21

" NEW TEA TIMES --Cha no Ko # 16-" will be delivered live from 20:00 on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

■ Time schedule
20: 00〜
EN TEA presided over Hirotoshi Maruwaka and Sakurai Tea Research Institute " Shinya Sakurai , " Yorozu " Taku Tokubuchi .
This time, we will deliver wonderful news from Mr. Tokubuchi and about the future while drinking tea with three people.

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As part of the NEW TEA TIMES project, "Tea 閒" will update the modern "Tea 閒 = Relaxing Time". For the purpose of tea, with the knowledge about tea and the tea wisdom that can be utilized in daily life from the latest tea information with those who support us on a daily basis and those who have received a lot of inspiration. I will talk to you.

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