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京都 kaikado cafeで開催される職人展「CRAFTS PEOPLE EXHIBITION 2021」にEN TEAの茶師が参加します

EN TEA tea masters will participate in the craftsman exhibition "CRAFTS PEOPLE EXHIBITION 2021" held at Kyoto kaikado cafe.

Thu, Sep 09, 21

The exhibition "CRAFTS PEOPLE" by young craftsmen involved in traditional crafts in Kyoto and Shiga will be held at Kaikado Café from Friday, September 10, 2021. EN TEA tea masters will participate in "EXHIBITION 2021".
In this exhibition, we made two kinds of limited tea leaves that transfer the scent to the tea leaves using the depressive scraps received from Mr. Nakagawa Wood Crafts, Shiga.
Hinoki, which is a familiar wood for Japanese people, and Maki Takano, who is a sacred tree of Mt. Koya and has a sacred image. Based not only on the compatibility of the scents, but also on the impression of each piece of wood and its relevance to the lives of Japanese people, cypress is scented with roasted green tea with a sense of security, and Maki Takano is scented with kukicha, which is characterized by an elegant blue tint.
I made it with the idea that you can think of trees and mountains that grow powerfully in the distant mountains from the taste and scent of each, and the feel of the box.
The painting of the box is modest so that you can feel the scent of the wood itself, so you can store handkerchiefs and other items to transfer the scent after drinking tea.

■ Craftsman exhibition set menu
Craftsman exhibition limited set menu
* Provided in the Kaikado Caf store
■ Product sales
A wooden box made by a craftsman of Nakagawa Wood Crafts and a tea set
that is also available in the craftsman exhibition set menu. Kukicha (Makika Takano) is in the box of Maki Takano.
* Tea leaves are 2g x 5pc each

* Ends as soon as they run out
At Kaikado Café, EN TEA tea is sold in stores and as a product for sale.

Date: September 10th (Friday) -October 27th (Wednesday)
Location: Kaikado Café
Closed Sun: Thursday, 1st Wednesday
Opening hours: 11: 00-18: 30
* Same as Kaikado Café business hours