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新商品入荷「茶と茶簡」「茶とコップ」「EN TEA サーモボトル」

New product arrival "Tea and tea ceremony" "Tea and cup" "EN TEA Thermo bottle"

Mon, Aug 30, 21

Today, 4 new products have arrived.
Not only for home use, but also for gifts.

In Kyoto, the new line "Chakan" of the long-established handmade tea tube "Kaikado" that has continued since the Meiji era, and in modern times, only a few people in Japan A set with the rare "hand-roasted kamairicha" that has not been handed down and can be made in small quantities.

Hand roasted pot roasted tea tea bag + [Kaikado] tea ceremony Set
7,700 yen (tax included)

EN TEA efficiently extracts tea with a tea bag and drinks it easily. A set of 3 types of individually packaged tea bags and a cup with a lid (with a sleeve) prepared for you.

3 types of tea bags + cup set with lid
4,180 yen

The inside has a double structure, which makes it difficult to transfer heat and cool the contents. Thermo bottle.
EN TEA logo version is newly arrived.
The set with 3 types of water-drained green tea has also been renewed.

EN TEA Thermo Bottle 500ml

Watered green tea 3 types + EN TEA Thermo bottle 500ml set