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【2021年7月】EN TEA おすすめの茶「水出し緑茶 山椒」

[July 2021] EN TEA recommended tea "Mizudashi Green Tea Sansho"

Thu, Jul 01, 21

The recommended tea from EN TEA in July is " Mizudashi Green Tea Sansho ", as in June.

Put a tea bag in 500 ml of water and shake it for 30 seconds to make fresh green tea. EN TEA's " Watered Green Tea ".
A blend of water-drained green tea and Japanese pepper naturally cultivated in the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture.
The lush scent of green tea and the pleasant stimulus of Japanese pepper refresh the mouth, and it is recommended on hot days with a refreshing aftertaste.

Currently, we are giving away a trial tea bag of " Mizudashi Green Tea Sansho " to everyone who purchased from the online store.

Watered green tea Sansho tea bag

EN TEA Bottle + Watered Green Tea Sansho Tea Bag Set

[WEB only] Watered green tea Sansho tea bag 30 pieces

Also, for those who purchase over 5,000 yen (tax included) at the online store this month, a trial tea of ​​" [CHA TOKYO] Loquat Leaf Roasted Tea " We will give you a bag as a gift.
The delicate aroma of loquat leaves and the aroma of roasted tea are well-balanced, and you can drink it refreshingly.
It is also recommended to extract it thickly, add plenty of ice and drink it with ice.