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佐賀県鳥栖市で行われるマルシェイベント「蔵グルメ」で、EN TEAの水出し緑茶を販売

EN TEA's water-drained green tea is sold at the Marche event "Kura Gourmand" held in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture.

Thu, Jul 08, 21

EN TEA's Mizudashi Green Tea will be on sale at "Kura Gourmand" held in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture for two days, July 10th (Sat) and 11th (Sun).
"Kura Gourmand" is a Marche event held by " Kurade Mentai Honpo " for the first time in two years.
At the venue of " Kurade Mentai Honpo Yayogaoka Store ", which is a relocated and renovated old private house over 100 years old, bargain sales of mentaiko and various gourmet stores in Saga Prefecture will be opened.

■ Event venue
Kurade Mentai Honpo Yayogaoka store
5-1-1 Yayogaoka, Torisu City, Saga Prefecture
Tel 0942-87-9330

■ EN TEA products
Watered green tea
Watered green tea Yuzu
Watered Green Tea Sansho
EN TEA Bottle + Watered Green Tea Tea Bag Set
EN TEA Bottle + Watered Green Tea Yuzu Tea Bag Set
EN TEA Bottle + Watered Green Tea Sansho Tea Bag Set

We are looking forward to your visit.

* Please come to the store with a small number of people when you come to the event to avoid congestion.
* Please wear a mask and strictly adhere to alcohol disinfection when visiting.
* In case of the spread of new coronavirus infection or bad weather, it will be canceled without notice.