CRAFTS NIGHT Vol.10「閒育む、工芸とお茶」にEN TEA 主宰 丸若が参加

Maruwaka, the president of EN TEA, participates in CRAFTS NIGHT Vol.10 "Nurturing, Crafts and Tea"

Thu, Mar 18, 21

" GRAFTS NIGHT Vol.10 ", which will be held from 18:00 on March 19th (Friday), will be held by "GO ON", an activity of 6 people who inherit traditional crafts based in Kyoto. Maruwaka, the president of EN TEA, will participate.

With Kaikado and Takahiro Yagi, we will have a talk on the theme of "nurturing, crafts and tea".

Theme: Nurturing, Crafts and Tea
Speaker: Kaikado Takahiro Yagi
Guest: EN TEA President Hirotoshi Maruwaka
Schedule: Friday, March 19, 2021
Time: 18:00 start ~ 19:00 end
Recording: Park Hyatt Kyoto
Delivery: O.A.
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Further, the one with English subtitles will be delivered on YouTube at a later date.