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カイカドウ ゲンゲンアン ループウィラー

Kaikadou Gengen Ann Loop Willer

Fri, Mar 19, 21

A custom associated with Japanese tea called "commuting cans" that remained until the Showa era.
Inspired by the custom of Japanese tea when it was rooted in daily life, bringing the tea cans that we use every day at home to the store when buying tea and refilling the tea, we added our interpretation. We have created a "commuting tea can" that can be incorporated into everyday life with Kaikado .
Loop Willer custom-made a special bag to store the precious tea can. The lovely and ideal Loop Willer 's hanging fleece wraps the tea can carefully and creates a daily TEA TIME.

Also, Loop Willer Zipody, which has not only comfort but also functional beauty, is Kaikado , GEN GEN AN Phantom Made to order.
We will release a limited number of bespoke models that the craftsmen who support both will wear as NEW Samue at the site where they face manufacturing.

Three companies with different materials and technologies will connect their reliable technologies with the desire to sympathize with each other, and enjoy the products created.

To commemorate the sale, " Kaikado " Yagi-san at Kyoto Kaikado Café on Saturday, March 20th, Vernal Equinox Day. , " Loop Willer " Suzuki-san, " GEN GEN AN Phantom " Maruwaka, will hold a talk event to talk about "commuting tea canisters" and "tea can bags".

Date: Saturday, March 20, 2021
Location: Kaikado Café
Time :: Start selling from 15:30
* Talk event popular It is full. We will give you a teaspoon.
2) Made by Loopwheeler, GEN GEN AN Phantom, Kaikado Triple Name Craftsman (Zip Hoodie) Black, Navy Blue
Price: 24,200 yen

Saturday, March 27 ), An event is also planned at Tokyo GEN GEN AN Phantom GINZA SONY PARK.