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新商品「玉緑茶 ティーバッグ」販売開始

New product "Tamaryokucha Tea Bag" is on sale

Mon, Mar 01, 21

From Monday, March 1, 2021, EN TEA's new product " Tamaryokucha Tea Bag " has been on sale.

Steamed tamaryokucha, which is mainly made in northwestern Kyushu and is made into a magatama shape by steaming immediately after plucking to stop oxidation and then kneading and drying it, has been sold only on leaves.
Since the start of EN TEA, it has been possible to commercialize a tea bag of Tamaryokucha, which has a lush aroma that uses young buds compared to sencha and a rich taste that is reminiscent of nuts and grains. Over the years, we have repeated various trials and errors.

Reproduce the taste of leaf and teapot. It's not because it's a tea bag, but because it's a tea bag, it's easy to drink and has a taste that's easy to drink.
It is easy to incorporate into everyday life, it is less irritating, it feels sweet and a little bluish, and it has a good throat.

Please try the "green tea tea bag" that EN TEA recommends with confidence.

Tamaryokucha tea bag

[WEB only] Tamaryokucha tea bag 30 pieces