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歴史と森のサウナと廃墟のアートの新しい体験、「チームラボ 廃墟と遺跡:淋汗茶の湯」でEN TEAの「月茶」提供開始

EN TEA's "Tsukicha" is now available at "TeamLab Ruins and Ruins: Ruins Tea Ceremony", a new experience of history and forest sauna and ruins art

Fri, Feb 19, 21

The permanent exhibition " Team Lab Ruins and Ruins" where you can experience the history of the Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel in Takeo Onsen, Kyushu, the forest sauna ( Rakan no Yu ), the ruins of art, and tea as a set. From Friday, February 19th, EN TEA's " Tsukicha " will be offered as a beverage after bathing in the sauna at "Hisui Chanoyu ".

TeamLab Ruins and Ruins: Scarlet Sweat Chanoyu
A new experience by Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel "Rakan no Yu" and TeamLab's art group, which won the Grand Prix in Japan for the second consecutive year of Sauna Shuran 2019/2020.
It is a "new experience of history and forest sauna and art" that reconnects to the world for a long time by opening your brain in a hot and cold alternating bath and standing in the ruined art space in the forest dotted with ruins. .. By awakening your five senses in the sauna, you will get an experience that you would not normally notice.

Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel where you can experience new experiences of sauna and art other than guests staying at "
Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel " and " Takebayashi-tei ". We sell a set ticket for a day trip bath of " Rakan no Yu " and a group of abandoned art by Team Lab, limited to 40 people a day. There is also a ticket that allows you to see only the work without taking a bath.

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This time, at EN TEA, after bathing in the sauna We have prepared " Tsukicha " as a beverage.
" Tsukicha " is provided with reduced caffeine by extracting at low temperature using steamed tamaryokucha, two types of tea varieties that are said to have a high content of theanine. To do.
It is possible to ingest water and minerals lost due to sweating, providing a sense of security and relaxation.

Open your brain in a hot and cold alternating bath, drink moon tea to deepen the rest after the sauna, and stand in the ruined art space in the forest dotted with ruins for a long time. We aim to reconnect with time and the world.

Moon tea

[WEB only] 30 packs of moon tea