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「」限定、開化堂 × 朝日焼 × 金網つじ × GEN GEN AN 幻 × 宝蔵寺「茶の閒」セットの受注販売開始

Limited to "", Kaikado x Asahi ware x Wire net Tsuji x GEN GEN AN Phantom x Hozoji "Tea no Hou" set is now on sale

Fri, Feb 19, 21

From 18:00 on February 19th (Friday), orders for Kaikado x Asahi Yaki x Wire Net Tsuji x GEN GEN AN Phantom x Hozoji "Tea no Hou" set at " " Start selling .

The "Tea Utensils" set includes the first lady accompanying the G20 held in Osaka in the summer of 2020, produced by EN TEA presided over by Maruwaka. A special blend of "GEN GEN AN Phantom" based on a set of 3 tea utensils presented at the luncheon held at Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto, inviting 20 spouses from each country. There are 5 special colors of Kamairicha and hand towels with the skull of Tofukuji Temple.
This set of 3 tea utensils is also used by Sakanaction Ichiro Yamaguchi in the special feature "Tea Time" of the 15th issue of the food culture magazine "RiCE" released in August last year. It also appeared as one.

Kaikado "Tea tube brass strip 40g". Made slender to enhance portability. It is made of brass, and it is fun to own that the color changes steadily depending on the user over time. Finished with brass, it turns amber as it is used for a long time, giving it a beautiful smoked texture.

Asahi ware "tea bowl" For Celadon CIRCLE TEA INFUSER ". "Celadon" is a representative of Asahi ware porcelain tea bowls, and the refreshing, slightly greenish light blue enhances the color of the tea. It is the name of the outer glaze, and the inner side is white to make it easier to see the color of the tea.
Hozoji Temple Jakuchu "Skull Figure" Hand towel (special color)

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Order period: February 2021 19th 18: 00-March 19th 18:00
* Some items in the set can be purchased separately.