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台湾の小器食堂と小器藝廊でEN TEAとGEN GEN ANが出張します

EN TEA and GEN GEN AN make a business trip at Taiwan's small dining room and small equipment corridor

Sat, Nov 16, 19

From Saturday, November 16, 2019, EN TEA and GEN GEN AN will join Taiwan's " Small Equipment Cafeteria " and " Small Equipment Corridor . I will go on a business trip to.

" Small device " is a select shop that collects Japanese items, and there is also a dining room with the theme of Japanese set meals.

At the "Small Equipment Cafeteria", EN TEA tea will be listed on the menu due to the renewal.
In addition, a tea brewing workshop will be held for two days, November 16th (Sat) and 17th (Sun).
While selling tea leaves, you can enjoy the drink menu at any time in the future.

■ Handling tea
- Watering tea
- Wood fire evening tea
- Ginger wood fire evening tea

EN TEA Workshop & Tea Product Sales @
Small Equipment Cafeteria
Address: No. 27, Akamine Street, Datong District, Taipei City

At the same time, "Small Equipment" GEN GEN AN will make a business trip to "Ginger Corridor".
In a space where you can enjoy tea with the theme of "tea and sound" while playing music with a radio cassette player and cassette tape.
In addition, a limited number of " NF " collaboration goods, which are presided over by Sakanaction , will be available.

Enjoy the tea and music of GEN GEN AN
GEN GEN AN and the tea collaborated with "NF" are in the gallery. You can drink it inside.
Please enjoy the time of "tea and sound" while listening to music with a radio cassette player.
- Watered tea
-Tea pillar tea

GEN GEN AN × NF Goods sale
We have a special limited number of collaboration goods that were just unveiled in October.
-Cold-brewed tea and bottle set
-Tea pillar tea
-Logo T-shirt
-Logo coaster

・ Select tea ware related to tea
Drink tea deliciously Also select a tea set for you.

GEN GEN AN pop up @ Small instrument corridor
Address: Taipei City Datong District Akamine Street 17th Street 4th