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11月12日(火)、「上出長右衛門窯」が金沢で開催する「KUTANI CONNEXION」にて、茶会「◎幻的未来茶事 ー私たちの考えるこれからの茶の間ー」を行います

On November 12th (Tuesday), a tea ceremony "◎ Phantom Future Tea Ceremony-We Think of the Future Tea Ceremony-" will be held at "KUTANI CONNEXION" held by "Kamiide ​​Choemon Kiln" in Kanazawa.

Fri, Nov 08, 19

EN TEA presided over at " KUTANI CONNEXION " held in Kanazawa on November 12, 2019 (Tuesday) by the kiln " Uede Choemon Kiln " in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture. , Maruwaka Hirotoshi will hold a tea ceremony "◎ Phantom Future Tea Ceremony-Our Future Tea Ceremony-".
Use a freshly baked teapot.
This is a valuable opportunity, so please come visit us.

■ ◎ Phantom Future Tea Ceremony-The Future Tea Ceremony We Think-
Tuesday, November 12
11: 00 ~ / 13: 00 ~ / 15: 00 ~ / 17: 00 ~ [ Reservation required]
Participation fee: 2,000 yen
Capacity: 5 people each time
Reservations can be made to Uede Choemon kiln
I will sell it.

Uede Choemon Kiln " KUTANI CONNEXION "
As a place for fresh encounters and play with Kutani ware KUTANI CONNEXION "has been held mainly in Tokyo and Osaka. This year, which marks the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Kamiide ​​Choemon kiln, will be held for the first time in Kanazawa, the knee of Kaga Hyakumangoku, which laid the foundation for Kutani ware culture.
Choemon Kiln seeks the freshness of Kutani ware with a modern sense that does not stick to tradition too much, and values ​​handicrafts and universal expressions by craftsmen. In this exhibition, in addition to standard items such as the "Fuebuki series", limited items commemorating the 140th anniversary, new items such as tea utensils and plates will be sold, and a tea party will be held by inviting two tea masters related to the Choemon kiln. Please feel free to visit us.

November 11th (Monday) to 17th (Sunday), 2019
10:00 to 18:00
Kanazawa Art Club 1st floor Matsukaze no Ma
61 Kamiomicho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa 920-0905 TEL: 076-262-0391
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