"Ideal Chazuke that the teahouse thought about" Red roasted tea x Yukiwakamaru x Miso Dengaku

We are confident that we know all the characteristics of EN TEA tea leaves, and you can experience "delicious" and "fun" in your daily life with a recipe for arranging tea leaves.
This time, Tomoko Mikan of the US sommelier and Maruwaka, the representative of EN TEA, will conduct research and experiments in the tea experiment discussion " NEW TEA LAB # 002 " with professionals of various genres. Introducing the recipe of " Ideal Chazuke that the teahouse thought about" that I arrived at repeatedly.
We use ingredients that you can get right away that you can imitate tomorrow, so please try it at home.

Red roasted tea x Yukiwakamaru x Miso Dengaku

Chazuke with the fragrant and fruity taste of EN TEA " Hojicha ".
Rice is " Yukiwakamaru " from Shonai, Yamagata Prefecture, and the ingredients are " Dengaku " from Saikyo Miso.

■ Materials
Tea: " Red roasted tea "
Rice: " Yukiwakamaru "
Ingredients: " Miso Dengaku Dengaku (Saikyo Miso)
* You can access it by clicking the text on the site where you can purchase it. , Enough to catch the ingredients of Saikyo Miso. Based on the mariage of rice and miso, the soft and chewy texture of raw fu stands out as a changing ball. The aroma of "red roasted tea" can be combined with rice to create a deeper taste.
Chazuke while Yukiwakamaru receives the melted miso is a meal based on the basics of "Japanese food": tea, rice, and miso.

■ EN TEA tea leaves used in this recipe

Red roasted tea tea bag

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RECIPE 茶屋が考えた理想の茶漬け