EN TEA RECIPE # 003 "Green Tea High"

A recipe for tea leaves that you can enjoy at home.
EN TEA tea leaves We are confident that we can experience "delicious" and "fun" in our daily lives. Introducing the arrangement recipe of.

The classic "green tea high" made from our special green tea. It fills your body refreshingly with plenty of green tea flavor.
It's easy to make, so it's also recommended as a drink for home parties.

[Time required: about 5 minutes]

■ Materials
Room temperature water: 200ml
Watered green tea : 1 tea bag
Kinmiya Shochu : 40ml * Recommended for shellfish shochu with a pure and peculiar taste
Ice: Appropriate amount

■ Procedure
1) Extract green tea with 200 ml of water
* Soft water is recommended

2) Prepare 40 ml of shochu

3) Pour shochu and extracted green tea into a glass of ice

4) Mix well
5) Completion

RECIPE 水出し緑茶