[Azumaya] Chakai University


The "sea" of "tea".
Tea utensils with a romantic name were born in China, the hometown of tea. It is a tool that was created so that tea, whose strength varies depending on the timing of pouring, is once poured into the tea sea to make it evenly thick and evenly divided into bowls.
It is also useful as a "hot water cooler" to adjust the temperature of the hot water before pouring it into the teapot.

EN TEA proposes to extract the tea bag with this "Chaumi" and transfer it to a bowl for drinking.

Depth 93mm
Height 100mm
Capacity (when full)
Amakusa pottery stone, lime glaze

Precautions for use
-Since it is not a heat-resistant porcelain, do not heat it directly or use an oven.
-Do not wash with a cleanser or scrubbing brush as it may cause scratches.
・ Microwave oven available, dishwasher available.

Since its establishment in 1997, we have collaborated with handicraft workers from all over Japan to create tools for daily life.
Azumaya's tools are made with uncompromising commitment. It reminds us of the splendor of Japanese skillful techniques and Japanese aesthetics, and because it is designed according to the modern lifestyle, it is easy to blend into everyday life and is an attractive tool that can be used for a long time.