[Maruhiro] SEASON 01 Block Bowl Little (White) HASAMI


A small bowl-sized bowl of Hasami ware's popular brand "HASAMI" developed by Maruhiro.
EN TEA is a lid for steaming tea bags, and we propose it as a storage place after extraction.
A mug with an appropriate size for one tea bag of the same series " Block Mug Big (Beige) , Block Mug Big (White) " We recommend using it.

The dough is thickly formed so that it will not crack even if it is handled a little rough. Since the dough is made by applying heat and pressure, it is dense, strong and sturdy. In addition, the outer form is a square and rugged design, but the edges of the bowl and the inside are rounded for easy washing.

[Size / Capacity]
φ8.2 × H4.2cm / 130㏄


[Use classification]
Open flame: ×
IH: ×
Microwave oven: ○
Oven: ×
Dishwasher: ○

■ Notes
It may be expensive.
-I am using a glaze that changes. Therefore, there are individual differences in shape and color.
・ The glaze becomes thinner where the edges are raised, so it becomes whitish.

Maruhiro, which started as an open-air factory in 1957, plans tableware and interior miscellaneous goods for Nagasaki Prefecture's craft "Hasami Yaki". It is a ceramics manufacturer that does not have a factory.