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【2022年3月】EN TEA ノベルティ「紅茶」「紅焙じ茶」

[March 2022] EN TEA novelty "black tea" "red roasted tea"

Tue, Mar 01, 22

The novelty in March is " tea ".
Currently, we are giving away a trial tea bag of " tea " to everyone who purchased from the online store.

EN TEA's " Tea " is blended with the image of small and pretty flowers blooming in the field. The lovely and gorgeous scent is perfect for this time of year when winter is over and flowers gradually begin to bloom.
It is easy to match with both Japanese and Western sweets, and please enjoy it with sweets during the warm day in March.

Tea Tea bag

[WEB only] Red roasted tea tea bag 30 pieces

In addition, a trial tea bag of " Hojicha " will be presented to those who purchase over 5,000 yen (tax included) at the online store this month.
Black tea and roasted tea are roasted to bring out the goodness of each, and the oriental scent that makes you feel the vividness of a flower and the natural and deep sweetness spread in your mouth. It is also recommended to compare it with black tea.