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日本テレビ『スッキリ』でEN TEAが紹介されました

EN TEA was introduced on Nippon Television "Sukiri"

Thu, Feb 24, 22

EN TEA's " Tea and Tea Simplified " and " Kamairicha " were introduced on Nippon Television "Sukiri" broadcast on February 24, 2022.

In the program, "Tea and tea ceremony" was introduced as a set with "Hand-roasted Kamairicha", but the limited quantity has already been sold and now it is called "Green tea". It is on sale as a set.
Tea is a new line of " Kaikado ", a long-established store of handmade tea tubes that has continued since the Meiji era, with a message such as "thinking about the life of drinking tea easily (simple)". , The precious tea leaves prepared in the tea and tea ceremony set are limited quantity products that will change to new tea types as soon as they are exhausted.

Green tea tea bag + [Kaikado] Tea bag set

Kamairicha tea bag