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オンラインストアで、後払い決済 Paidy(ペイディ)のご利用が可能になりました

Postpaid payment Paidy is now available in the online store

Fri, Jan 21, 22

Postpaid payment Paidy is now available at the EN TEA online store.
Paidy is a post-payment method that does not require a credit card, and you can pay at a convenience store or bank the month after your order.
We can ship the item before payment, so you can receive the item immediately.
Please select Paidy on the payment method selection screen and use it.

* Paidy is a payment service provided by "Paidy Co., Ltd." Please note that the request will be announced by Paidy and will not be announced by us.
* Paidy billing information will be sent to you on the 1st of the month following the month you use Paidy, and payment will be made by the 10th.

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