MABOROSHI×開化堂×上出長右衛門窯×GEN GEN AN幻<br> 1月14日(金)〜1月16日(日)の3日間限定イベント「幻」in 小樽 開催決定

MABOROSHI x Kaikado x Uede Choemon Kiln x GEN GEN AN Phantom
January 14th (Friday) -January 16th (Sunday) 3-day limited event "Phantom" in Otaru will be held

Sun, Jan 09, 22

"Tea leaf brand EN TEA's" GEN GEN AN illusion Will open a store in the 3-day limited event "Phantom" held in Otaru, Hokkaido.
On the day of the event, the TEA TIME program, which you can feel with all five senses, will be held by advance reservation.
Tea, coffee and aroma to prepare. Each is a content that can be experienced only during this period. Enjoy a relaxing time in the beautiful season of Otaru.

■ Participating brands
Uede Choemon kiln
GEN GEN AN illusion
* Each representative will welcome you on the day.

■ Advance reservation ticket Contents

01. Fragrance experience by MABOROSHI

A scent created from carefully selected natural materials that MABOROSHI cherishes. It will be an experience program where you can enjoy the story of the background where each scent was born and the three-dimensional scent that actually spreads in 3D.
On the day, we will concierge your favorite scent and how to use it.

02. EN-Nichi by Kaikado, Uede Choemon Kiln, GEN GEN AN Phantom
Kaikado, Uede Choemon Kiln, GEN GEN AN A festival unit that engages in various activities such as eating and drinking, workshops, etc. where you can experience new and fun "Japanese culture" with the theme of "Fairy day stalls". Prior to the schedule in Kyoto, Ishikawa and Tokyo, we will open a store in Otaru for 3 days as a proto event this time.

EN-Nichi ①: Kaikado Blend Coffee / GEN GEN AN Phantom Green Tea
--Kaikado Blend Coffee -
Kaikado Cafe, a long-established store of handmade tea canisters, has a store in Kyoto with the desire to be a "Kaikado reception room" that welcomes the people who visit us and their loved ones. increase. This time, Takahiro Yagi, the 6th generation of Kaikado, will specially extract and offer Kaikado Cafe's popular menu "Kaikado Blend Coffee".

--GEN GEN AN Phantom Green Tea -
GEN GEN AN illusion that started with the theme of enriching everyday tea. This time, we will prepare high-quality green tea, and GEN GEN AN phantom president Hirotoshi Maruwaka will brew a special cup that carefully extracts the climate of the day and your physical condition.

EN-Nichi ②: Merry-go-round
Otaru's coffee shop "Merry-go-round".
GEN GEN AN Phantom will reproduce a special blend created by blending nearly 10 types of tea, including Japanese tea centered on organic roses with a beautiful scent, from the taste of the phantom.

EN-Nichi ③: Special content "reading"

EN-Nichi ④: Carefully selected gem sales event

03. Phantom special gift
This event-limited sticker will be presented only to customers who have made a reservation in advance. Other nice souvenirs are also included.

■ Advance reservation ticket details
¥ 2,600

<Time required> Less than 60 minutes
10: 00-11: 00
11: 30-12: 30
13: 00-14: 00
14: 30-15: 30
* Capacity is 10 people each time.

<Ticket reservation method>
You can make a reservation using the reservation form below. (Reservation acceptance starts from 20:00 on January 9th)

* When you come to the store on the day, please confirm your reservation at the cash register.
* Cash / Paypay / LINE pay is the only payment method.
* Please select 1 drink (Kaikado blend coffee / GEN GEN AN phantom green tea) when making a reservation.
* Reservations are for one person at a time. If you are visiting with 2 or more people, please purchase tickets for each person.

■ If there is no reservation on the day
<Single drink menu> ALL ¥ 500
・ Kaikado Blend Coffee by Kaikado Cafe
・ En tea by GEN GEN AN illusion

* If you do not have a ticket reservation, you can use only some product sales and single item menus.
* For product sales, we will prepare carefully selected items from participating brands.
* Cash / Paypay / LINE pay is the only local payment method.

■ Event overview
Period: January 14th (Friday) to January 16th (Sunday), 2022
Hours: 10: 00-16: 00
Location: 2-16-3 Tomioka, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 047-0033 Cafe Fleur

■ Remarks: Brand details

    A world of fragrance that has arrived from the culture of tea. MABOROSHI's scent journey, which began with the encounter with a tool called a tea incense furnace, began in 2020. Through the fusion of the cultures of Japan and France, and the harmony with the wonderful people we met in each region, all the products are created by natural materials and reliable makers.

  2. Kaikado
    Kyoto "Kaikado" is a long-established store of handmade tea canisters with the oldest history in Japan. In the 8th year of the Meiji era (1875) of Bunmei Kaika, Kaikado was founded in Kyoto as a pioneer in the manufacture of round cans, using tinplate, which was imported from the United Kingdom. Since then, even after a century has passed with consistent handmade production, we continue to maintain the method from the first generation.

  3. Uede Choemon kiln
    It was founded in 1879 in Terai-mura, Nomi-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture, the birthplace of Shozo Kutani, the founder of Kutani ware Chuko. Set in the history of porcelain that began in the Orient, we are presenting mainly cooking tableware with a flexible attitude that does not stick to tradition. We are particular about handicrafts by craftsmen and aim to make Kutani ware that feels fresh even after the passage of time.

  4. GEN GEN AN illusion
    EN TEA started in 2017 as a brand aiming to make tea leaves in the 21st century. GEN GEN AN Phantom, which was born at the same time, is a project to think about how to enjoy tea leaves in this era, "TEA TIME", and convey it in the future.