POLAの新たなプロジェクト「+Design Project」にて、EN TEA 主催 丸若のインタビュー掲載

Interview with Maruwaka sponsored by EN TEA in POLA's new project "+ Design Project"

Thu, Dec 23, 21

An interview with Maruwaka sponsored by EN TEA was published in POLA's new project " + Design Project ".
At " New GEN GEN AN Phantom " opened in HIROPPA, Hasami-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture, we have introduced a tea time that makes you feel abundant in a short time, so that you can take a break every day when you are too busy. I'm talking about "breaks".

+ Design Project vol.06
POLA x "Break" Professional
To take a break in every day that is too busy Break time. However, there are many people who are thinking about their work or doing errands, and are not resting well. To you who are not good at taking breaks.

■ About " + Design Project "
Usually POLA's new project that provides an opportunity to incorporate "a little" change into your life.
We will explore the secret through dialogue with "plus designers" who have hints for enriching everyday life and daily life.