GEN GEN AN幻 オンラインストア再開のお知らせ

GEN GEN AN Notice of reopening of phantom online store

Sat, Dec 11, 21

The GEN GEN AN phantom online store , which has been closed since October 2021, will resume operations from 11:00 on December 13, 2021 (Monday).

GEN GEN AN " MAISON" led by Chef Sota Atsumi, who is based in France and has been very popular at the Gen Ginza store. / TOMETTE "will resume sales of the special Gato Basque" Moon of the Moon ", which has been created by the recipe, only at the online store.
While considering the Japanese climate, you can enjoy the taste of Paris created from the exquisite balance of butter flavor, caramel, vinegar, etc.

In addition, EN TEA tea leaves, fragrance brand MABOROSHI products, and Kyoto tea canisters have been made since 1875 Kaikado We have carefully selected products such as " GEN GEN AN phantom ".
We are planning to develop limited products related to tea in the future.

GEN GEN AN Phantom Online Store
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