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REPORT『ニューGEN GEN AN幻』喫茶のススメ

REPORT "New GEN GEN AN phantom" coffee shop recommendation

Sat, Dec 04, 21

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, "New GEN GEN AN Phantom" opened in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture.
For a limited time until May 2022, it will be the first store in Kyushu to tell you about EN TEA tea and how to enjoy it. We will propose NEW TEA TIME through things that can only be obtained in that area.

I would like to report on the Hasami store that we will create together with our local friends, and the charm that changes from time to time!

First of all, how to enjoy the coffee shop.

Previously about store building NEWS page But as I told you, not only how to enjoy tea, but also somewhere retro and somewhere future coffee that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages and families, "tea and sound", "tea and space", "tea and" We offer it based on the three themes of "crafts".

For the store approach, we laid out a huge yellow umbrella, which was also a symbol of the closed Ginza store. The new store is impressively expressed in a different way from the one in Ginza. "New GEN GEN AN Phantom" is a new interpretation of the original scenery of "teahouse" and "private house" from a unique perspective, making it a place where you can relax while being an extraordinary space.

By the way, in front of the store, I bring two goats from the EN TEA office, "YUKI-CHAN" and "CHI-CHAN" from the left, so you can touch cute animals!

Relaxing at "Tea and Sound" and "Tea and the Universe" on the 1st floor

On the first floor, you can enjoy the space production by experimental music, set in an 86-year-old folk house.
Different music is playing in the two spaces with the themes of the past and the future, and the music experienced in the corridor connecting the rooms where the two music fuses expresses the present.

As for the sound direction, along with the activities on his own label "Hyōgu", Shotaro Aoyama, who is also a member of the project "NF" run by Ichiro Yamaguchi of Sakanaction, continues to provide music for the project from the Ginza store.

▼ Future room on the back side of the 1st floor

Casually "on the rack GEN GEN AN illusion "or" Maruhiro With valuable archive works
EN TEA tea leaves Carefully selected " GEN GEN AN illusion You can enjoy it as a shop where you can purchase unique products.

▼ Past room on the front side of the 1st floor

An open space with a panoramic view of the changing scenery of Hasami.

Sencha is spread in the alcove, which makes the most of the architecture of the time, and at the same time, it is praised by the tea master Baisao, who had a great influence on the cultural people of the Edo period. The calligraphy is a temple related to Ito Jakuchu " Hozo-ji Temple It was inherited from the chief priest of "Kyoto Zhuangbiao" Inoue Mitsumasado It was tailored to.
In addition, "the highest peak of physics and chemistry glass" Kiriyama Glass Even casual exhibitions such as the characteristic "tea extractor" by "" are exhibited with the thought of fun TEA TIME.

Rare vintage radio-cassettes with the theme of "sound and tea" that continues from the first store in Shibuya are in every room. All of them play a retro and gentle sound.

Throughout the space, it is a production that can be enjoyed not only by those who like Japanese tea, but also by those who are interested in things and culture.

In a sense, the "Gacha" corner is a hot topic right now. Obviously, EN TEA products Will come out. It's a great opportunity to taste something you don't buy yourself, so please give it a try!
Tea gacha (100 yen (tax included))

"You can do it at home! NEW TEA TIME" Recommendation of a new type of coffee menu

First, "New GEN GEN AN Phantom" is a basic self-service coffee shop.

Immediately after entering the store, you will be asked to select a tea bag or sweets made from your favorite tea leaves from the menu. Before deciding on a seat, pick up today's My Cup from the cupboard and take a seat.

The point is that you can enjoy it as if you were at home, asking "Which tea leaves should I drink and which cup should I drink today?" While outside.
actually, Maruhiro The capacity of the mug made by "250cc" is the base described on each "GEN GEN AN Phantom" product package.
* The mug is Original mug of "GEN GEN AN phantom" or, Maruhiro We have unique designs such as limited items and collaboration goods with other companies.

"Update the taste of adults raised in Ginza to everyday life in Hasami's land"
The feature of the coffee shop menu is a number of updated menus of "Atta Yona", which was created by repeating experiments at the Ginza store. There is a feeling of heightening that can only be experienced here. All "EN TEA" tea It is a menu lineup that you can feel the marriage (fusion) with.

A firm pudding that feels Showa, a representative of sweetness. GEN GEN AN illusion Then, by repeating research on pudding, I was able to arrive at the optimal pudding that the teahouse thinks. This gem, which can only be tasted in Hasami all over the world, is not only delicious, but also has a cute appearance that makes you want to look at it all the time. This menu is packed with ideas that are loved by all ages.

The taste changes irregularly,
For example, Japanese tea pudding, unlike matcha pudding, had a great deal of difficulty in retaining the delicate nuances of Japanese tea. The cream, eggs, and milk used for pudding are all solid and tasty, so we are particular about the amount of tea leaves and the extraction time so that the individuality of the tea does not disappear.

The photo is a sweet and fragrant "roasted tea chamomile" pudding like a roasted apple. The taste of eggs and milk is not too sweet.
Tea pudding (600 JPY (incl. Tax)).

As for tea confectionery, cakes and cookies are made with an awareness of "creating harmony by making the most of individuality" even when pairing Japanese teas with each other.
All of them are limited to stores, but since the menu is a menu where you can feel the ingenuity of the chef, please try it if you have a chance.

The second floor of the store, which can be entered by people over the age of 18, is a pink adult space reminiscent of the Yukaku district just past the Chaya district.

The space production using spring paintings by various artists and glossy art featuring old erotic books is an interesting coffee shop. In the future, we will develop various cultural experience programs (not pink) on this 2nd floor, so we will inform you about that information later. Please stay tuned!

New GEN GEN AN Phantom in Hasami
714 Yumutago, Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki
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