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湖池屋の新商品、お米スナック「おこめ心地」米 TEA TIME(マイティータイム)プレゼントキャンペーン

Koike-ya's new product, rice snack "Okome comfort" rice TEA TIME present campaign

Fri, May 28, 21

EN TEA's "Mizudashi Green Tea" will be presented at the Twitter campaign "US TEA TIME" to commemorate the launch of Koike-ya's new rice snack "Okome Kou".

As a "long-established store of Japanese potato chips", Koikeya, who has been sticking to Japan and sticking to Japan's unique technology that brings out the deliciousness of the material, makes use of the high technical capabilities cultivated with potato chips. , 100% Japanese rice flour "Okome comfort" that was completed in pursuit of a high-quality taste that suits the taste of Japanese people.
EN TEA's "Mizudashi Green Tea" was selected as a Japanese green tea to match this "comfort".

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* The deadline is June 6th.