GEN GEN AN幻 限定茶葉《伊藤若冲/売茶翁/宝蔵寺「髑髏図」with GEN GEN AN幻》

GEN GEN AN Phantom Limited Tea Leaves 《Ito Jakuchu / Baisao / Hozoji “Skull Figure” with GEN GEN AN Phantom》

Thu, May 27, 21

Do you know the person who created the opportunity to spread the charm of sencha to the common people?
In the latter half of the Edo period, an old man named "Baisao" spread sencha in an innovative way at that time.
GEN GEN AN It is an important great person not only for the phantom but also for the people involved in the front tea.
His friendship was wide, and one of the people who was devoted to Baisao's sencha, the still popular mid-Edo period painter "Ito Jakuchu" is a portrait of Baisao and two people. I have left a "skull figure" called a portrait.
Kyoto Hozoji , which holds the skull figure. "Gengen-an" is said to have been the last Baisao to set up. "GEN GEN AN illusion" was born with respect for Baisao.
This time, with the understanding and cooperation of Mr. Hozoji, it has become possible to make tea leaves with the thoughts of our Baisao and "Skull Figure".

This limited tea leaf will be on sale from June 1, 2021 (Tuesday) at the GEN GEN AN phantom online store ( ). I will do it.

■ Limited sale date
June 1, 2021 (Tuesday)

■ Sales store
GEN GEN AN Phantom online store
​​GEN GEN AN Gen Shibuya, Ginza Sony Park store
* Due to the influence of the emergency declaration, we will update the information on the actual store operation on Instagram etc. every time, so please check.

■ Product Details
Ito Jakuchu / Baisao / Hozoji Temple "Skull Figure" with GEN GEN AN Phantom
About 300 years ago, known as the birthplace of Baisao, a specialty of Hizen Province We have reproduced the hand-roasted kamairicha that had been used.
We verify each process from the literature, etc., and make it with a manufacturing method similar to that at that time. It is a tea that has a long-lasting pleasant finish and the aroma peculiar to hand-roasted kamairicha, which would have been loved by people at that time.
Taste: Enveloping sweetness and slight astringency
Fragrance: Smoke-like aroma
7 tea bags: 1,620 yen
Limited 60 bags
* Product manufacturing , Blending is done at EN TEA.
* Tea bags use the biomass material "Soilon" made from plant starch.