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GEN GEN AN幻 × 櫻井焙茶研究所<br>陰陽両極の “宇宙茶”「コメット」「ブラックホール」

GEN GEN AN Phantom x Sakurai Roasting Research Institute
Yin and Yang polar "space tea" "comet" "black hole"

Sat, May 01, 21

GEN GEN AN Produced collaboration products " comet to" and " black hole " between Phantom and the Japanese tea specialty store " Sakurai Roasting Research Institute " in Minami Aoyama. Did.

Original blend recipe for Shinya Sakurai of " Sakurai Roasting Research Institute ", a Japanese tea specialty store in Minami Aoyama that continues to expand the values ​​of Japanese tea and propose new ways of enjoying it. Collaboration product produced. We propose "comet" and "black hole" from "universe" which is also the theme of GEN GEN AN phantom Ginza Sony Park as the theme of blending.
Created based on mutual understanding, each has the image of "yang" and "yin", "sun" and "moon", and it is not only delicious as tea, but also a taste that makes you feel the story. It was finished in.

This tea will be available from 12:00 noon on Sunday, May 2, 2021 at the GEN GEN AN Phantom Online Store ( https: // gengenanginza. Pre-sale will start at ).

Also, at NEW TEA LAB # 007 , Shinya Sakurai of " Sakurai Tea Research Institute " will explain the background and thoughts of this tea. And EN TEA representative Maruwaka have published a dialogue article.
Please see here .

■ Pre-sale start date
May 2, 2021 (Sun) 12:00 noon

■ Sales store
GEN GEN AN Phantom online store

* GEN GEN AN Gen Shibuya store and Ginza Sony Park store from May 1st to May 11th due to emergency declaration Since it is closed, we will start selling comets and black holes when the business resumes.
* Please check your Instagram account for reopening.

■ Product Details

" Comet "
Comet flies in outer space and is gentle as if it has a tail. A refreshing blend with a landscape that leaves a lingering finish. Tea that changes its taste from the aroma to the aftertaste.
Tea, lemon, shell ginger leaf, loquat leaf, lemongrass, and lavender are used.
Taste: Refreshing sweetness and astringency.
Fragrance: Blue and floral scent of roasted tea. A scent that gradually changes and gives a feeling of floating.
7 tea bags: 1,296 yen

" Black hole "
Drink before going to bed at night A blend of deep flavors that makes you feel like you are drawn into the darkness. A tea that goes well with the night when you are alone and indulge in thoughts.
Tea, tangerine, ginger and roselet petal are used.
Taste: Calm sweetness and slight stimulation.
Fragrance: Deep fragrance and gorgeous fragrance. A deep scent that draws you in.
7 tea bags: 1,296 yen

* Products are manufactured and blended by EN TEA.
* Tea bags use the biomass material "Soilon" made from plant starch.