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「茶と今日。CHA TOKYO」の新商品「黒豆釜炒り茶」販売開始

"Tea and today. CHA TOKYO" new product "Kuromame Kamairicha" is now on sale

Tue, Jan 05, 21

From Saturday, January 5, 2021, we started selling the new product " Kamairicha " of " Tea and Today. CHA TOKYO ".

A blend of Kamairicha, which has the theme of "tea that was drunk 100 years ago," finished by the traditional Kamairicha method, and auspicious black beans that are also used in New Year dishes.
You can feel the light sweetness and aroma of black beans, and the faint sweetness and aroma of Kamairicha in a well-balanced manner. The aftertaste of the gentle taste after eating is also characteristic.
The gentle taste of black soybeans and the blueness of kamairicha add to the sharpness, which goes well with white rice and Japanese food, and is also recommended when eating.