「GEM by moto」の千葉麻里絵さんがコラボした日本酒「ライフク キャラメル」に合わせるチーズケーキを、“旅するシェフ”こと山崎真人さんがEN TEAの「焙じ茶 レモングラス」をベースに制作

A cheesecake to match the sake "Lifek Caramel" collaborated by Marie Chiba of "GEM by moto" was produced by Masato Yamazaki, a "traveling chef", based on EN TEA's "Roasted Tea Lemongrass".

Sun, Nov 01, 20

" GEM by moto " Marie Chiba collaborated with the brewery " Kurifuku Sake Brewery " in Ibaraki Prefecture. Caramel "has been released.
Mr. Chiba has been offering sake and EN TEA tea leaves as a cocktail at " GEM by moto ", and has a recipe for " SAKE TEA " using red roasted tea. We have you explore the possibilities of EN TEA's tea leaves and sake, such as ideas.

When developing a cheesecake to match " Lifek Caramel ", please pay attention to the compatibility of EN TEA's tea leaves, and to Chef Masato Yamazaki, who is a "traveling chef". We requested the production of " Roasted Tea Lemon Glass " and completed " Cheesecake" EN TEA Roasted Tea Lemon Glass "x Cardamon ".
" Roasted tea Lemongrass " is boiled and cardamom is added to the dough to make a cheesecake with a more spicy aroma.
Mr. Chiba says that " Lifek Caramel ", which is described as "exactly caramel", has a synergistic effect of mixing the scent of sake that falls on the tongue and the scent of tea leaves and spices. , A new door of taste opens, and we will deliver an unforgettable experience that will extend beyond that.

Cheese cake “EN TEA Roasted Tea Lemon Glass” × Cardamon
Price: 3,000 yen (tax included)
◇ “Y” Online store

◇ plate
Tokyo 1-31-11 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
* There are plans to increase the number of stores offering

Lifek Caramel (GEM by moto Marie Chiba × Kurifuku Sake Brewery )
Price: 3,500 yen (tax included) 500ml
Released on October 30
Stores: Sake no Akiyama
Hasegawa Hotel
Yajima Hotel * Sold only at 4 stores nationwide and online store , limited to 750

Oak barrel for the first time in collaboration with Marie Chiba storage. Using mellow that has been aged for 3 years, it is a caramel that is beyond imagination! Please enjoy the new taste.

This is the first collaboration work with Mr. Kurifuku. Aged Kijoshu is placed in an American oak barrel to create a caramel chocolate feel that melts in your mouth. Please chill it and taste it.