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【2020年9月】EN TEA おすすめの茶「水出し緑茶 山椒」

[September 2020] EN TEA recommended tea "Mizudashi Green Tea Sansho"

Tue, Sep 01, 20

This month, EN TEA's recommended tea is the new 2020 "Mizudashi Green Tea Sansho".

Put a tea bag in 500ml of water and shake it for 30 seconds to create a blend of EN TEA's water-drained green tea and Japanese pepper naturally cultivated in the mountains of Wakayama prefecture.
The lush scent of Japanese pepper and the pleasant stimulus give a refreshing feeling during the still hot autumn day.

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Also, "Tea and Today. CHA TOKYO"'s "Tsukimo Tea", which went on sale from September 1, is not only hot, but when you drink it with ice cream, it's a month. You can enjoy the refreshing scent of peaches more, and it is recommended at this time of year.

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