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「茶と今日。CHA TOKYO」の新商品「月桃紅茶」販売開始

"Tea and today. CHA TOKYO" new product "Tsukimocha" is on sale

Tue, Sep 01, 20

From Friday, September 1, 2020, we started selling the new product " Tsukimocha " of " Tea and Today. CHA TOKYO ".

Black tea made in Ureshino is blended with shell ginger from Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, and is characterized by the freshness of shell ginger and the sweetness of black tea at the end.
Shell ginger has a high relaxing effect on aroma and flavor, and is rich in polyphenols.
When warmed with the ginger family shell ginger and the gentle taste of black tea, the body will be delighted.

While the hot season continues, it is recommended to drink with ice (pour ice into deeply extracted tea), which has a refreshing scent.