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入場料は野菜!「ギブミー・ベジタブル in 鳥取」にEN TEAが参加します

Admission is vegetables! EN TEA will participate in "Give Me Vegetable in Tottori"

Tue, Feb 25, 20

EN TEA tea will be served at the event "Give Me Vegetable in Tottori" to be held in Tottori City on Saturday, February 29th.
Admission is vegetables! !! With the theme of, it will be a new type of live event where vegetables and music are mixed.

■ Handling tea
Ginger wood fire evening tea
Pot roasted brown rice tea
Mizudashi tea
* Takeout and product sales

[What is give me vegetable]
Admission fee, artist appearance fee is self-sufficient type of vegetables (ingredients), Live food and music event.
The chef will improvise and provide free of charge the vegetables and ingredients brought by the customer as an admission fee.
Anyone (parents and children are welcome!) Please feel free to come.
Then, the remaining ingredients will be shared as performance fees and rewards for all performers, staff, and related parties.
At Give Me Vegetables, "vegetables / ingredients" are a substitute for admission and "money". By doing so, I hope that you will think about the role of money and the value of things and feel the joy of exchanging them.

[Date] February 29, 2020 (Sat)
OPEN 14:00
START 15: 00-CLOSE 20:00
[Venue] THE WHIM depot
( * Empty warehouse along Prefectural Road 156)
[Address] 96-30 Iwayoshi, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture
(Warehouse on the 1st floor of the Takashi Tsukada Building Research Institute) maps / dLzi7afE8orDtcNi9
* 11 minutes walk from Koyama Station
* Next to Yoshino Equipment Industry Co., Ltd. JA Funeral Hall Seikaen Koyama proximity. Tire / Wheel Company diagonally opposite.
[Parking lot] Available on the premises (free)
[Participation fee] Vegetables (meat, rice, fish and other ingredients are welcome!) * 1 Drink order required (because of the only operating cost)
​​[Bring] My chopsticks and my plate ("I don't want to put out any garbage anymore" ... but they are sold at the venue for 100 yen)