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Sale of collaboration goods with GEN GEN AN at Sakanaction's national tour "SAKANAQUARIUM 2020" 834.194 Hikari ""

Thu, Jan 09, 20

GEN at the national hall tour " SAKANAQUARIUM2020" 834.194 Hikari "" of sakanaction starting from the Gunma performance on Saturday, January 18th. Collaboration goods with GEN AN will be on sale.

■ Chabashira Tea & Chabashira Tape
A song created by the encounter between Mr. Ichiro Yamaguchi of Sakanaction and GEN GEN AN . "Tea pillar".
A set of a cassette tape containing the sound source and a tea leaf "Tea pillar tea" developed from the world view of "Tea pillar".
"Tea" and "music" to work with free creativity. Please deepen your understanding little by little so that you can talk with each other, drink the "tea pillar tea" that was born while spreading like ripples, and experience the feelings of both while listening to the "tea pillar".

■ Ochame
Using green tea carefully selected by GEN GEN AN , no additives or coloring agents are used, and the goodness of the material is condensed. Green tea candy finished by the traditional manufacturing method.
A set of miniature tea boxes and candies.

For details, please check the tour special site .
SAKANAQUARIUM2020 "834.194 Light"