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10月1日、リニューアルオープンの成田空港本館3階ファーストクラスラウンジ 「JAL’s SALON」でEN TEAの取扱開始

EN TEA will be available at the reopened Narita Airport Main Building 3rd floor first class lounge "JAL's SALON" on October 1st.

Tue, Oct 01, 19

EN TEA will be available at the first class lounge " JAL's SALON " on the 3rd floor of the Narita Airport Main Building, which will be reopened on October 1, 2019.

" JAL's SALON " will be a relaxing area centered on the sofa, as a BAR counter service that provides "the taste of Japanese craftsmen" in front of customers. , Japanese premium whiskey, craft whiskey, craft gin, craft vodka, Japanese sweets, etc., along with EN TEA tea.

■ Lineup * Monthly
October temperature: Tamaryokucha Cold: Mizudashi Yuzu green tea
November Hot: Roasted tea Cold: Watered Chasansho
December Warm: Fabric Cold: Watered Lemongrass Green Tea
* BAR counter service hours: 07: 30-12: 30 / 15: 00-20: 00

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