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PARTNER # 040 "Fukujuya"

We would like to introduce the partner who handles tea leaves in sympathy with EN TEA's thoughts.

# 040 Fukujuya
Yoshikawa is so beautiful that it can be read in the Manyoshu.
The Fukuju family has kept the tradition from the cooking teahouse of the 8th year of Tenpo in the land of Furukawa, which is rich in nature and has been blessed with the river.
Even now, we are using seasonal ingredients to provide heartfelt hospitality.

51 Hiranuma, Yoshikawa City, Saitama Prefecture

Business hours
11: 30-14: 00
17: 00-21: 30 Enter (LO 19:30)
* Please contact us for closing hours on Sundays and holidays

Tea types handled by EN TEA
Watered green tea

At EN TEA, we have a desire to become a "tea platform" for excellent teas from all over Japan, those who sell them, and those who drink tea.
Business partners We would like to think together about the charm of tea leaves and our future that will lead to the future.
We are also looking for new business partner stores. For more information, please contact us from here .