PARTNER # 039 "BB B &"

We would like to introduce the partners who sympathize with the thoughts of EN TEA and handle tea leaves.

# 039 BBB &
Food and cooking utensils, mainly tableware and cooking utensils made for business use A specialty store that offers a wide range of food-related items such as books. From restaurants to homes, there are plenty of sizes to choose from depending on the position and scene of use. It's a different product lineup, like a pantry in a hotel or restaurant.

1-8-20-1F Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture (next to BB POTTERS)
Business hours
OPEN 11: 00-19: 00
* Monthly holidays will be announced on our website.

EN TEA Tea Species
Watering Green Tea
Watering Green Tea Yuzu
Watered Green Tea Sansho
EN TEA Bottle + Watered Green Tea Tea Bag Set
EN TEA Bottle + Watered Green Tea Yuzu Tea Bag Set
EN TEA Bottle + Watered Green Tea Sansho Tea Bag Set

EN TEA has a desire to become a "tea platform" for excellent teas from all over Japan, those who sell them, and those who drink tea.
We would like to work with our business partners to think together about the appeal of tea leaves and our future that will lead to the future.
We are also looking for new business partner stores. For more information, please contact us from here .