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NEW TEA LAB # 007 Shinya Sakurai SHINYA SAKURAI / Sakurai Roasting Research Institute / Minami Aoyama

[THEME] Tea that travels in space

Tea leaf shop that pursues the possibilities of Japanese tea [ GEN GEN AN Phantom ]
With professionals of various genres gathering around it Tea experiment discussion " NEW TEA LAB ". The seventh is a dialogue with Shinya Sakurai of " Sakurai Roasting Research Institute ", a Japanese tea specialty store in Minami Aoyama that continues to expand the values ​​of Japanese tea and propose new ways of enjoying it. About the distribution project " NEW TEA TIMES Tea Times " that started with Korona-ka, and the original blends "Comet" and "Black Hole" created by the collaboration of both.

Mutual understanding named blend

"We will propose seasonal blends through 24 solar terms." That is the basic stance of Sakurai Tea Research Institute, says Sakurai. "When I make an original blend, I also have my own feelings, so when I make a new effort with someone, I get to know the other person deeply, get to know myself correctly, and start making it after understanding each other. If you don't know who you are, you can't make it, and if you don't know yourself well, it's difficult to make it. "(Mr. Sakurai)

GEN GEN AN Born in collaboration with the phantom and Sakurai Tea Research Institute. The tea was created based on mutual understanding. This time, Maruwaka first presented the tea names "comet" and "black hole" as the theme of the original blend.

"I haven't really thought about" comet "or" black hole "in my life. I heard the words for the first time in a while (laughs) Oh, I wondered if that was the case. On the other hand, I also felt that it was like Mr. Maruwaka. I was looking at the store in Ginza Sony Park, so it was not surprising that "space tea" was, but it was still different from people. Maruwaka. I thought that it would be possible to enter from a broad image with a unique order. "(Mr. Sakurai)

Sakurai says that even if the order was hit without any warning, it would not have been possible to make it. Mr. Miss. It is said that the collaboration was realized only by the mutual understanding of the live distribution project "NEW TEA TIMES Tea Times" on Instagram, which started with Korona-ka and has continued for one year since the start.

"You have to know the tea leaves of EN TEA first. I started by tasting everything. The first sample is simply a blend of 3 to 4 kinds. At that time," Sakurai Tea Research Institute "The way of thinking" remained. I talked about "Tea no Hou", went to the GEN GEN AN Gen Ginza store in Ginza Sony Park, saw the alien logo there, and listened to Sakanaction songs. , Gradually updated my head. The result is the "comet" and "black hole" this time. The result is a blend of various tea leaves. It was difficult, but it was fun. "(Mr. Sakurai)

We deepen mutual understanding, interpret, and create while snuggling up. There is a sincere attitude there.

Yin and Yang polar "space tea"

"Comet" and "black hole" born this time. Both are names that you will never forget once you hear them. And they have completely different "narrative" tastes.

"'Comet' is a tea whose taste changes drastically from the aroma to the aftertaste. It feels like you are traveling in space.It's a tea that makes you feel like you're traveling through a world you've never seen before, breaking through the earth and breaking through the ozone hole. I want. (Mr. Sakurai) "As the name suggests, it feels like a comet flies in outer space and leaves with a lingering tenderness like a tail." (Maruwaka)

"'Black hole' is a taste that makes you think. It's a tea that goes well with the night. When you're alone, the roasted tea goes well. If you drink it before going to bed at night, it goes into the darkness. "It feels like I'm drawn in." (Mr. Sakurai) "The taste, including the appearance, is unstable. That instability fits the name" black hole "very well. It's going to be like that. "(Maruwaka)

" "Comet" and "black hole" are, so to speak, "yang" and "yin", "sun" and "moon". I have it, "says Sakurai. Not only the deliciousness of "tea", but also the taste that makes you feel the story. Tea as a "luxury item" shows various expressions.


Instagram's live distribution project "NEW TEA TIMES Tea Times" started last year. This project is led by Mr. Sakurai, Mr. Maruwaka, and Mr. Taku Tokunofuchi of the tea brewery " Yorozu " in Fukuoka City. "When I started, I didn't expect it to last for a year," (Maruwaka), but as a result, this initiative has become significant for both parties.

"It's been a year in a blink of an eye, but there are many ways to enjoy tea, including tea lovers and customers from three stores. I think it's a trigger to realize that there is. It's not a big effort but a maniac, but some people are looking forward to the delivery. I wouldn't do it without Corona. I think it's important to think at the same time as "I have to do something for tea" when I was in this situation and started together. "(Mr. Sakurai)

" I am now because Mr. Sakurai is here. The more I knew about Mr. Sakurai himself and the goodness of Sakurai Tea Research Institute, the more it became clear what I should do and what I wanted to do. From there, our current style is shaped. I was able to understand the role of myself properly. Whether it's live distribution or this collaborative tea, tea is interesting every time I work on it. I feel it again. "(Maruwaka)

Our goal is to evolve and develop the enjoyment of tea.

Both parties are developing with different and unique axes while understanding each other, interacting with each other, and interacting with each other, such as "NEW TEA TIMES Tea Times" and the development of original blends. What kind of expansion will be created in the future?

"We gather through tea and propose ways to enjoy tea from three parties (including Mr. Tokubuchi). I think that we will continue to disseminate it. It's good for the tea industry as a whole, and it's also an opportunity to get to know tea. I hope you'll realize that tea is something that is familiar to us.And to add to that, I wonder if it makes sense for three people to know that tea is so expressive, not just one person, but each one aims to develop tea in their own way. There is. It is most important that they have a big goal in common. "(Mr. Sakurai)

Sakurai Tea Research Institute and GEN GEN AN illusion. While exploring ways to spread the enjoyment of Japanese tea to as many people as possible, efforts have begun in addition to the original blend created this time. Tea bags are sold at Sakurai Tea Research Institute, which has consistently been committed to selling tea leaves since its opening. GEN GEN AN EN TEA, the phantom mother, has been sticking to biodegradable materials since its inception and has been updating its packaging. A tea bag made of "Soilon", a biomass material made from plant starch, is used, and a custom-made craft pack material is also used for the exterior. While looking at the future of tea, it is a very natural effort to look at the future of society, but due to the resonance with that attitude, Sakurai Tea Research Institute's first tea bag product "TEA BAG" series was born. A tea shape with the concept of "circulation" that uses all the tea leaves and ingredients that stick out from the finishing process. It is a new product created by thinking about what you can do with "TEA BAG".

In this world where something that no one expected, we will create tea that travels in space, think about what society should be, and open up the future of tea. The journey around "tea" is likely to have more fun in the future.

Edit & Text: Kana Takeyama ( PARK 365 )

■ Pre-sale start date
May 2, 2021 (Sun)

■ Sales store
GEN GEN AN Phantom online store
* The GEN GEN AN Gen Shibuya store and Ginza Sony Park store are closed from May 1st to May 11th due to the declaration of an emergency, so comets and black holes will be sold when the business resumes. Will start.
* Please check Instagram account for resumption of business.

■ Product Details
A refreshing blend of comets flying in outer space, with a gentleness that leaves a lingering finish as if they were tailing. Tea that changes its taste from the aroma to the aftertaste.
Tea, lemon, shell ginger leaf, loquat leaf, lemongrass, and lavender are used.
Taste: Refreshing sweetness and astringency.
Fragrance: Blue and floral scent of roasted tea. A scent that gradually changes and gives a feeling of floating.
7 tea bags: 1,296 yen

"Black hole"
A blend of deep flavors that you can drink before going to bed at night and you will be drawn into the darkness. A tea that goes well with the night when you are alone and indulge in thoughts.
Tea, tangerine, ginger and roselet petal are used.
Taste: Calm sweetness and slight stimulation.
Fragrance: Deep fragrance and gorgeous fragrance. A deep scent that draws you in.
7 tea bags: 1,296 yen

* Products are manufactured and blended by EN TEA.
* Tea bags use the biomass material "Soilon" made from plant starch. ..