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NEW TEA LAB # 004 Marie Chiba MARIE CHIBA / GEM by moto / Hiroo

[THEME] Sake x Japanese tea

Tea leaf shop pursuing the potential of Japanese tea [ GEN GEN AN phantom ]
Tea with professionals of various genres gathering around it Experimental discussion " NEW TEA LAB ". The fourth is GEM by moto Marie Chiba in Hiroo. This time, we will talk about "SAKE TEA", a new form of "tea x sake". The first part of the dialogue is here .

Evolution of SAKE TEA

"SAKE TEA" was born after a pairing experiment between sake and Japanese tea. The new taste created by extracting tea leaves with sake provides a special experience that can never be experienced with sake alone or with sake alone. This time, we will take up the form of "Sake x Japanese tea" that was newly created in a different form from the SAKE TEA introduced in the first part.

Melt instead of boiling

There are 3 types of SAKE TEA here. It is a proposal for a new way of drinking, in which tea is made into ice with an ice maker and then melted in sake. "It's very simple to make," says Chiba. The timing to take out the ice is different for each person. You can melt it a little and take it out immediately, or if you like thinning, you can add ice all the time and drink while melting.
This time, there is only one type of sake as a base. I use a sake called Ei-kun from Shizuoka. "Ei-kun is made in a land with soft water. It has a melon-like scent, and it is a liquor with a low alcohol content that can be easily drunk."

Enjoy the difference in taste that appears when fused

Let's compare 3 types of "SAKE TEA". The two are made from frozen ice on the market. One is said to be made from EN TEA's water-drained green tea. It is interesting that the characteristics of Ei-kun, who brews with yeast that tends to give off a melon-like aroma (isoamyl acetate), are completely different.
"The peak values ​​of sweetness and acidity are different." (Maruwaka)
"In terms of color, the first is that the taste is divided into two colors. The scent of melon is also strong. The second one is a single color. The second one is a gradation. The one using EN TEA's watered green tea is the one. Previously, sugar-free coffee was frozen and made into ice. I made a proposal to dissolve things in Japanese sake (" Ice SAKE coffee "), but the coffee was paired with each other's acidity, so to speak, it was like an oil painting. Japanese tea is completely different from that, it looks like a watercolor painting. It's a feeling that you can match it with flavors, or you can fuse it in a finer place than coffee. That's very interesting. "(Mr. Chiba)

Of course, there is a difference in the taste of tea itself. The difference becomes more apparent when crossed with sake. Mr. Chiba says that the fun of multiplying "Japanese tea" and "sake" lies in the "prominence of the difference" when they are multiplied.

"SAKE TEA" as an initiative to raise

Making SAKE TEA is very easy and it's two steps.

① Freeze tea in an ice machine
②Pour 120cc of sake for each ice size for home use

A new taste trial that anyone can easily enjoy Mr. Chiba says that he wants many people to try it. "I want to grow together." No special technique is required to create a new taste. Just freeze your favorite tea. Please try new ways to enjoy sake and tea at home.

* GEM by moto does not offer the above style of SAKE TEA.

Part 1 "EN TEA LAB # 01" is here

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