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NEW TEA LAB # 001 Marie Chiba MARIE CHIBA / GEM by moto / Hiroo

Sun, Dec 13, 20

[THEME] Sake x Japanese tea

Tea leaf shop pursuing the potential of Japanese tea [ GEN GEN AN phantom ]
Various gathering around it Tea experiment discussion with genre professionals " NEW TEA LAB ". The first is Marie Chiba from GEM by moto in Hiroo.

GEM by moto / Sake x 〇〇 store as an experimental site

Ebisu and Hiroo Meanwhile, the store is in the middle of the alley. The store is quietly equipped with sofa seats behind the U-shaped counter seats, and the shop is constantly attracting customers every day and night. Moto) ". When you step in, the first thing you see is a number of messages written in various languages ​​all over the wall. The surprising food menu written on the wall also catches my eye.

GEM by moto was opened by Mr. Chiba in July 2015, five years ago, with the concept of "Sake is a treasure". Mr. Chiba said, "Sake" at this store, which was created to remove the old image of sake that is often regarded as "narrow and difficult", to convey the wide variety of tastes of sake and the feelings of young makers. With the theme of "× ◯◯", I face sake every day.

Thinking about pairing with the feelings of "eating" and "drinking"
Mr. Chiba, of course, sake x cooking, sake x space, sake x vessel, In search of unprecedented combinations of sake x tea leaves, sake x coffee, etc., we will approach both sensuously and scientifically. Basically, in stores where there are many orders from "Random", what is important is "customer" information. Information such as "physical condition" and "preference" that first-time customers cannot know will be an important element of pairing by visiting them twice or three times. The more information you have, the more multiplication factors you have.

Believe in the power of "fermentation"
Mr. Chiba has rules. It means believing in the power of "fermentation". We thoroughly research the aromas and substances produced by the fermentation of sake, and do not easily add anything else to seek new flavors. Instead of adding other things, it is left to the fermentation of sake. However, when we want to have characteristics that cannot be produced by "fermentation", we will open up new possibilities by combining sake with other things that are not sake. "Isn't that more romantic and nice?" Says Chiba.

Birth of SAKE TEA
Pairing with Japanese tea was also born in the process of seeking the astringency of tannins that cannot be fermented. In search of "astringency" that cannot be produced by the power of fermentation, we challenged to combine it with the easily available tea leaves that are normally sold at the beginning. I met Maruwaka, the representative of EN TEA, when I started to get good quality tea leaves after repeating trial production. "Because it was close to the ideal tea leaves." There are two types of tea leaves selected. " Hojicha ", which has a fragrant, slightly sweet taste and a gorgeous aroma, like black tea and roasted tea, and steamed and dried young freshly picked buds, green " Tamaryokucha " is characterized by its rich aroma and rich taste. "SAKE TEA" is produced by extracting tea leaves with sake instead of hot water using these two types of tea leaves.

" Red roasted tea has the scent of black tea, so I thought that sweet and sour liquor would not go well with it, so I combined it with sour herring and Aramasa On the contrary, Tamaryokucha has a better taste when it has no acidity, so I felt that it goes well with Masamune Yamagata, who has no acidity and is not flashy in flavor. The extraction temperature is also changed according to each. "

SAKE TEA was born at the end of the experiment.
A special cup that is irresistible for both tea lovers and liquor lovers can be enjoyed at GEM by moto .
New experiments following SAKE TEA, which was born as the first project of "Sake x Japanese tea", are still going on.

* SAKE TEA of Tamaryokucha may not be available when Mr. Chiba is absent. Please contact the store.

GEM by moto
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