EN TEA RECIPE # 009 "Rich and easy chamomile roasted tea latte"

A recipe for tea leaves that you can enjoy at home.
Introducing an arrangement recipe for tea leaves that we, who know all about the characteristics of EN TEA tea leaves, can confidently convey "delicious" and "fun" in everyday life. To do.

Introducing a super-easy recipe for making chamomile roasted tea latte with just a microwave oven.

[Time required: about 5 minutes]

■ Materials
Milk: 165ml
Tea leaves (roasted tea chamomile) ): 1 tea bag (* 1)
Sugar or honey: Appropriate amount (if you like)

■ How to make
1: Put the tea bag and sugar in a heat-resistant cup and milk. Pour.
2: Shake the tea bag about 10 times.
3: Warm the milk with the milk button in the microwave (or 1 minute 20 seconds at 600w / 1 minute 50 seconds at 500w).
4: Shake the tea bag about 30 times.
5: Return to the microwave again and heat at 600w for 45 seconds (or at 500w for 55 seconds).
6: Shake the tea bag about 30 times again to complete. Please enjoy the tea bag as it is without taking it out.

(* 1) The tea bag uses the biomass material "Soilon". Unlike ordinary tea bags, it does not emit microplastic and is kind to the sea and the body.

■ EN TEA tea leaves used in this recipe

Roasted tea chamomile tea bag

[WEB only] Roasted tea chamomile tea bag 30 pieces

* You can make delicious tea bags with the following 5 types
Roasted tea
Red roasted tea
Roasted tea Lemongrass
Black tea
[CHA TOKYO] Ginger roasted tea
[CHA TOKYO] Hojicha tea

RECIPE 焙じ茶 紅茶